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LATEST UPDATE on the TREATY - 21 September 2020

"We have some exciting news to share with you: 56 former presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers and defence ministers from 20 NATO member states, as well as Japan and South Korea, have just issued an OPEN LETTER calling on their current governments to join the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

This is a major development. Co-signed by former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and two former Secretaries-General of NATO, Javier Solana and Willy Claes (see the full list below) this letter is the most significant demonstration of high-level support for the treaty that we have seen in these countries to date.

We hope it will inspire current decision-makers to turn this support into political action by joining the treaty. Will you help us make sure they don't miss it by sharing this letter far and wide?"

- Tim Wright, Treaty Coordinator, ICAN

Download PDF • 79KB

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